Introducing The Chinese Herb of Immortality - Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

In the first Chinese nationwide census, demographers noted an unusually large number of people over age 100 in two Southern provinces. After years of study the researchers concluded that the only difference between people in these provinces and elsewhere was the traditional routine consumption of a locally grown herbal tea called jiaogulan. Now you too can benefit from the life enhancing power of this little-known herb. 

Why Immortalitea Jiaogulan is the best

We specialize in jiaogulan. It is the tea we founded our company on and the reason we are called Immortalitea. We grow our jiaogulan  following strict organic principles and our Thai jiaogulan tea was named Overall Best Tasting Tea in a recent international tea competition.

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    How to Brew Jiaogulan Tea:

    Jiaogulan tea quantity: ½ to 1 tsp per 8 oz. cup (can be reused up to 3 times)

    Brewing time: 2 - 5 minutes (double for each subsequent brewing with the same Jiaogulan leaves) 

    Water temperature: About 170° F (75° C) (Just starting to boil) 

    Overall Customer Rating of 167 Reviews:

    Five Stars


    Great Tea!

    Amazing tea, I love Gynostemma!

    Wonderful tea!

    My first time trying this tea. So far I love it! A nice pleasant sweet taste.

    A unique brew, with an elusive taste and a sweetness all its own

    Wow! This is quite an interesting tea! It has a very intriguing taste, and because it is so different from other herbal and green teas I've tried before, I like it. There is a sweetness to it--even though it has no sugar in it. It has an understated green/grassy aroma both in its dried form and brewed. But it is not quite a green tea flavor, and one sip will tell an experienced tea drinker that it is unique in its flavor. Even the "sweet" taste is different from other sweet flavors.

    As I do with other herbal teas that I try, I first investigate it online. The tea first became popular when it was discovered that people in certain areas in China consistently lived longer that average. The fact was attributed to them drinking this tea. I learned that this "Immortal" tea can possibly reduce bad cholesterol, although you would need to drink more than a cup each day. It has been determined if it is suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women, so doctors suggest those women avoid drinking it. It might also interfere with blood thinner medicines. But as I'm not in one of those situations--I was good to go.

    I cannot attest to feeling any differently now that I've started drinking this tea--not better, not worse, and I never worry about the "immortal" possibility. Who knows, I might get run over by a bus tomorrow.... But, I do enjoy the experience of brewing this tea and sitting down and sipping a cup.

    A Lovely Experience: Peace and Relaxation in a Tea

    This tea is calming. It gives me a feeling of peace (about half an hour after drinking it). I had my first cup while going through a very difficult situation. I had no expectations and couldn't remember precisely what had led me to purchasing it. The relaxation lasts for a few hours, I think, and there is no letdown phase. Also, there are no side effects or anything. It's not like medication.

    I have also found that it makes me more alert when I need to be alert but doesn't prevent me sleeping when I have it close to bed (probably because I'm more relaxed). This is very strange, but I've tested it out many times. Once, I felt too tired to work out with my husband, but after I had a cup of tea and sat around for a bit, I felt better, and our workout went well. Then, we were both anxious before bed (a different day, I think), and this helped us feel calmer.

    I really like the taste of the tea. There is a subtle sweetness to it.

    The first time I made some for my husband before work on a morning after he'd slept terribly, I didn't tell him it had calmed me (because then he stubbornly insists it won't work for him). I emailed him at his office and asked how he was feeling, if he had liked the tea. He responded, "I feel peaceful when I have no reason to" (meaning everything was insane in the office).

    The packaging has been changed, and there are no longer instructions on the back. The company sends an email message with instructions, but if you are using super fast shipping (like I did) and receive the tea first, you might be a bit disconcerted. I figured out how to brew the tea, of course--a kind purchaser sent me the instructions, and they are also photographed at the top of the order page. However, I wrote the company because I wanted to send the tea to others as a gift. They said they changed their packaging to save money, meaning all their teas are now the same on the back, without instructions or information.

    (I later remembered what led me to purchasing the tea: I've been trying out adaptogens with great success. It's interesting figuring out which ones work for me and adjusting how I take them. This is the first one in a tea form I've tried.)