Help Your Body Stay in Balance!

Adaptogen is a term coined by scientists to describe herbs that help your body maintain a state of homeostasis or, in simple terms, stay in balance. Researchers have identified jiaogulan as the world's most potent adaptogen. Jiaogulan works  by supporting the neuro-endocrine system, your body's own system for self-regulation. When your neuro-endocrine system is working right your whole body work's right. 

Powerful Anti-Oxidants Supercharge Your Immune System and Keep You Young!

We've all heard that antioxidants are key to maintaining a healthy immune system and countering the effects of free-radicals. But, consuming foods rich in antioxidants is of limited benefit because most of the antioxidants are lost during digestion. 

Instead, Jiaogulan stimulates your body to increase production of it's own powerful anti-oxidant Super Oxide Dismutase. Research shows that increased SOD production is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and slow aging. There is a reason that in China Jiaogulan is called "Xian Cao," the immortality herb. 

Improve your Circulation and Reduce Blood Pressure

Jiaogulan also stimulates your body to increase production of Nitric-oxide a natural vasodilator.

Increased Nitric oxide may help reduce blood pressure, increases blood flow throughout the body, especially to feet and legs, and may even help treat ED. Increased blood flow has also been shown to improve mentation and memory.

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    Introducing The Chinese Herb of Immortality - Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

    In the first Chinese nationwide census, demographers noted an unusually large number of people over age 100 in two Southern provinces. After years of study the researchers concluded that the only difference between people in these provinces and elsewhere was the traditional routine consumption of a locally grown herbal tea called jiaogulan. Now you too can benefit from the life enhancing power of this little-known herb. 

    Why Immortalitea Jiaogulan is the best

    We specialize in jiaogulan. It is the tea we founded our company on and the reason we are called Immortalitea. We grow our jiaogulan in the pristine foothills of Northern Thailand following strict organic principles and our jiaogulan tea was named Overall Best Tasting Tea in a recent international tea competition.

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    What is Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)? - Jiaogulan (also known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum) is an herb originating in China. This small vine grows naturally in Chinese forests but is now grown on small farms throughout Asia. Jiaogulan has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Traditional Chinese doctors consider it a Chi tonic. Chi is the Chinese word for internal energy and a Chi Tonic is any herb or combination of herbs that increases and aids the flow of Chi. Jiaogulan is also considered by herbalists as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbs that help the body self-regulate. In short, Gynostemma puts your body back in balance.

    What are the health benefits of Gynostemma Tea? - Gynostemma pentaphyllum first came to the attention of modern science as a result of a nationwide census in China taken in 1970. The census data revealed two small regions of China with an unusually large number of people aged over 100 years. A research team was dispatched to look for the cause. After extensive research the scientists concluded that the reason was that jiaogulan grew naturally in both these regions and was regularly consumed by locals as a less expensive alternative to tea.

    This surprising finding prompted more focused research on the health benefits of Gynostemma tea. After over forty years of research the scientists and doctors on the project identified three major health benefits from drinking jiaogulan.

    1)Gynostemma is an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens are herbs that help the body self-regulate. This is normally managed by the human neuro-endocrine system. When the NE system gets out of balance many problems can happen including, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, insomnia, irritability, problems with thinking and memory and a host of hormone problems. Gynostemma helps return the body to balance.

    2)Gynostemma improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure. Studies show that Gynostemma pentaphyllum is a natural vasodilator. Vasodilators are often recommended for people trying to decrease their blood pressure since they expand the blood vessels and improve blood flow. Additionally, even for people without blood pressure issues, the increased blood flow to the brain and other vital organs can increase energy levels and boost athletic performance.

    3) Gynostemma supports your immune system. Most people do not realize that the human body produces its own antioxidant called Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD). In addition to being a key to the adaptogen benefits of jiaogulan, because our own body produces SOD, increasing SOD is far superior to consuming antioxidant foods in boosting our immune response and countering the effects of aging. Studies suggest that regular consumption of Gynostemma may aid the production of SOD.

    How to Brew Jiaogulan Tea:

    Jiaogulan tea quantity: ½ to 1 tsp per 8 oz. cup (can be reused up to 3 times)

    Brewing time: 2 - 5 minutes (double for each subsequent brewing with the same Jiaogulan leaves) 

    Water temperature: About 170° F (75° C) (Just starting to boil) 

    Overall Customer Rating of 106 Reviews:

    This is an excellent Jiaogulan tea

    • great addition to healthy living
    This is an excellent Jiaogulan tea. I find it very good and I look forward to having several cups a day.

    Excellent drink

    • delightful tea
    This loose-leaf Jiagulan is an excellent drink. It arrived promptly; thank you for good service. I prepare tea as a main drink throughout each day, and now I'll be including this Jiagulan as part of my tea routine.

    A great bedtime drink

    A little pricier than at tea shops, but worth it if you don't have access to shops regularly.

    Lowered my cholesterol and I feel better

    I have been drinking 4 to 5 cups of Jiaogulan tea for the past 6 weeks. Results are in this morning: LDL down 15%, HDL up 21%, Triglycerides down 23%.

    Pretty darned outstanding!

    Thank you, GR Brown

    Good product, the most noticeable benefit to me was ...

    Good product, the most noticeable benefit to me was the lowering of my blood pressure allowing my Doctor to reduce the dosage of my blood pressure meds.

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