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Nature has already provided an answer. I want to help you find yours.


What is Jiaogulan? - Jiaogulan (also commonly called Gynostemma) is an herb originating in China and used in Chinese medicine for over 600 years. In Chinese medicine Jiaogulan is considered a qi tonic, which means an herb that promotes ones overall vitality and health. Modern herbalists back this up by designating Jiaogulan as the most powerful adaptogen ever identified. Adaptogens help the body self-regulate and maintain a healthy balance. Jiaogulan is also a popular herb with people trying to reduce their blood pressure or boost their immune system. It makes a great tasting, naturally sweet tea or we also offer it as capsules. (Caffeine Free)

What is Mulberry Leaf tea? - The leaves of the White Mulberry (aka, Morus alba) tree have been used to make medicinal teas for centuries. The leaves brew a light green tisane with a sweet earthy taste. Mulberry tea is popular with people looking for a little extra help managing their blood sugar, is high in healthy antioxidants and may be helpful in lowering cholesterol. (Caffeine Free)

What is Oolong ? Oolong tea is made with the leaves from the Camellia sinensis, i.e. the tea plant. It differs from ordinary teas because the leaves are semi-oxidized giving the teas a fuller and more complex flavor and scent. Our Oolong tea is grown in the highlands of Thailand where the high quality water and rich soil produces high quality teas. We use top leaf Class A or 1st Grade tea which have a thinner more delicate leaf. Our leaves come from new growth and from the highest parts of the plantation. This makes our Oolong among the finest in the world. Our Oolong is a nearly green, mid-range fermented Oolong Tea. Also called Jin Xuan or Golden Lily Tea. This Oolong is 30 to 40% oxidized. Oolong has recently been receiving renewed popularity with people trying to lose weight.