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What is White Mulberry?

mulberry teaThe white mulberry tree (Latin: Morus alba) is a deciduous tree native to China. It grows to a height between 25ft - 60 ft., bears white flower and red berries. The fruit is sweet but lacks a strong flavor. The leaves of the white mulberry are used to brew tisanes (herbal teas) which are valued for their sweet earthy flavor and for their health benefits.

White Mulberry Leaf tea offers a wide range of health benefits. In research studies, White Mulberry leaf tea was found to inhibit the production of the enzymes that process sugars. Consequently, a greater percentage of sugars are eliminated form the body as waste instead of being absorbed into the blood stream. Reduced sugar absorption may be beneficial for those individual having difficulty processing glucose and for weight loss. Additionally, white mulberry tea is chock full of anitoxidants which are key in strengthening your immune system and in reducing your bad cholesterol (LDL). Finally, it is naturally packed with calcium (twice the calcium in a cup of white mulberry tea as in a 8 oz glass of milk) so its great for bone strength and warding of osteoperosis.