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Resellers around the country are profiting from the demand for all natural and healthy teas by offering Jiaogulan, Mulberry and other fine teas from The Immortalitea Company. These unique teas create a strong differentiator for your business and a reason for customers to return month after month.

Our resellers include natural food stores, spas, martial arts studios, specialty catalogs, bookstores, tea and coffee specialty shops and other quality retailers. The minimum wholesale order is $100.00 and you must sell directly to the consumer.

Become an Immortalitea Reseller!
If you are interested in becoming an Immortalitea Reseller, please email me at
Please include the type of business, and provide an estimate of the volume of tea you hope to sell each month.


We plan to add an affiliate program soon. As an Immortalitea Affiliate will receive a custom link to our site which you may share with  friends, family and customers. You will receive a monthly commission on purchases made by customers who signed up through that link for a full three years. If you are interested in becoming an Immortalitea Affiliate, please email me at with you name and email ID and I will contact you with more details when we have the program up and running.