Beginner's Guide to Pairing Tea With Food

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I have mixed feelings about codifying things. I’m strongly in the “rules are made to be broken” camp but I also think people are basically well-intentioned and that most rules were initially created for a good reason.I picture a harried kindergarten teacher with a water-color painting activity. She’s got a room full of bright, wildly creative young minds. She doesn’t want a lot of rules to constrain them but, after about the tenth time little Jimmy soaks a fellow classmate in chartreuse,...

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Why Is It So Hard To Find A Tai Chi Teacher?

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Earlier this week I posted a blog on the benefits for tai chi for diabetics. I mentioned that it was important to find a well-qualified instructor. Several of you wrote me to ask what to look for in a tai chi instructor. As I responded to that question, I realized that it is a subject I’m passionate about and that my answer was long enough to deserve a post or two. I realize it’s a little off-topic for me. If it’s not of interest to you, feel free to skip this one. I’ll understand. Finding a...

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Exercise Your Diabetes Away

by | Monday, May 04, 2015 | 2 comment(s)

This week, as I tried to decide how to wrap up my current series of blog post on diabetes and blood sugar, I ran onto a new research paper in the International Journal of Endocrinology on the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Diabetes and in it they summarized recent research specifically about tai chi and diabetes.I couldn’t miss this opportunity to talk about one of my favorite topics.My first job after my academic studies was with AT&T Bell Laboratories. At the time it was one of...

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