Why do we call it “Royal” Breakfast Tea?

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Imagine with me a pivotal moment in history. It is 1986. England has only recently agreed return Hong Kong to Chinese rule, a move widely criticized by British conservatives and perceived by much of the world as the dying gasp of the British Empire.  Queen Elizabeth II has been invited to visit China making her the first British monarch ever to set foot on Chinese soil. Tensions are high and the cultural differences have everyone involved walking a diplomatic high wire. The Western press...

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The Power of Anaerobics!

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Aerobics, exercises designed to increase the efficiency of the aerobic stage of muscle metabolism, were introduced by Dr. Kenneth Cooper in the 1960’s. Dr Cooper assumed that the aerobic part of the metabolism was the most important part.I hope from my previous posts you begin to see that Dr. Cooper was wrong in that assumption. Your muscles have a metabolic cycle that is dependent on BOTH aerobic and anaerobic processes. You cannot optimize one without optimizing the other. Most people think...

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I Hope I'm Not Bohr-ing You.

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In my last post I explained three things that you must do to be more “fit”, where I define being “fit” as being able to do more physical activities with less effort. make oxygen more chemically available to muscle cellsdeliver energy to muscle cells at a rate that maximizes oxygen consumptionincrease the strength of individual of muscle fibersYou can read that post and the rationale behind these fitness imperatives here: Why Doing Aerobics Won’t Make You More Fit.The only exercise modality that...

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