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Pure White Mulberry Leaf

What is White Mulberry Leaf Tea? - White mulberry leaf tea has been recommended in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 400 years. In TCM the leaves of the white mulberry tree (called Sang ye in Chinese) is considered a cooling blood tonic and believed to benefit both the liver and lung energy meridians. White mulberry leaf tea was also widely used in Greece and mentioned in ancient Greek medical texts.

What are the health benefits of White Mulberry Leaf Tea (aka. Morus alba Tea)? - Chinese doctors most often recommend Mulberry leaf tea for helping manage blood sugar. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine also recommends White Mulberry leaf tea for anemia, dry constipation, prematurely graying hair and baldness.

Why is Mulberry Leaf Tea recommended for blood sugar problems? - Modern research suggests Mulberry leaf tea may be helpful in managing blood sugar. Mulberry leaves contain a substance called DNJ that may inhibit some of the stomach enzymes responsible for processing fats and sugars. This would result in fewer fats and sugars being absorbed into the blood stream. There have been no large-scale studies of Mulberry leaf for this purpose but the traditional uses combined with the modern research is encouraging.

Why is our Mulberry leaf tea is the best? - We grow our mulberry trees on small farms in the highlands of Thailand. We grow it there because there is very little industrialization in this region. The air, water and soil are some of the best in the world and together they produce a very high quality Mulberry leaf tea. Because we work directly with the farmers we can insist on natural pesticide-free growing methods. We pan dry immediately and then follow with a forced air drying method that allows us to preserve the integrity of the tea. Our mulberry tea is slightly sweet with an earthy taste reminiscent of maple leaves.

We urge you to give our Mulberry leaf tea a try. Its fully pesticide free and caffeine free!