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Jiaogulan Tea Leaf Capsules


Gynostemma has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 600 years. In parts of China they call it, Xian Cao, the immortality herb. While we can not promise immortality, many doctors, fitness gurus and nutritionists insist if you only take one supplement, it should be gynostemma.

Our gynostemma capsules are 100% organic pure gynostemma leaf. 1000 mg per capsules and tested to have approximately 75 mg per capsule of gypenosides.  100 capsules per bottle.

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Customer Reviews:

by Mary C from California
Date Added: 12/16/2010
I'm in my late 70s and have a number of serious health problems. I've been taking these jiaogulan capsules for over 3 years now and they've really helped my conditions. I don't know what I would do without them! (and your service is great too). Thanks.

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