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Integra Tea Health Blend

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"Time waits for no man!"
Whether we want to or not, we all age. But have you noticed that some people seem to age better than others? What's their secret? 

In a nutshell, the following seem to have the biggest impact on how fast we age:

  • - Resistance to free radicals from oxidation
  • - Immune System Health
  • - Controlling inflammation
  • - Memory and cognitive function
  • - Circulation
         * Cardiovascular health
         * Controlling blood pressure
  • - Weight Management
  • - A healthy neuro-endocrine system

How to smooth over the effects of aging with Integra Tea
Can one drink make you super-human? Of course not. But the ancient Chinese learned the secrets a few thousand years ago of blending teas and herbs to create health tonic tea blends that help our bodies resist the effects of aging.

Using my more than twenty years of experience as a scientist, tea master and student of taoism, I've married the ancient Chinese tradition of herbal tonics with modern science to create - Integra Tea. I've designed Integra Tea specifically to counter the effects of aging by focus on the root causes of aging and illness rather than on the symptoms and on prevention instead reaction.

Now, with just a few cups of great tasting tea each day you can slow the march of time, and who among us couldn't use a little more time?

Buy Integra Tea with a 100% Guarantee!

I'm so confident you'll discover that my blend of green tea and ancient Asian herbs will work for you, that I've backed it up with a NO questions asked return guarantee.

If for any reason you find that Integra tea makes zero improvements to your health, simply notify me and I'll refund every penny of your purchase price.

Chronic Disease and Illness. Combating it with Chinese Wisdom.
It's been said that doctors in the west "practice" medicine and Asian doctors actually find ways to heal their patients. Our drug companies push pills when they should be finding ways to heal life's many illnesses.

While I am no doctor, I side with the wisdom of the ancient Chinese medicinal arts. Centuries ago, they discovered tea and herbs in the right combination helped many people.  Every day modern science seems to confirm in the lab what traditional medicine practitioners knew all along.

Today's fast-food lifestyle is filled with; too many processed foods, too much fat, way too much salt and bleached wheat ground into flour that is completely void of any nutrients.  On top of that, we work too many hours, have too much stress, and don't get enough sleep or exercise. This lifestyle is a catalyst for creating chronic disease. This is life in 2013 for many of us and it doesn't have to be this way.

It's no surprise to see that hypertension, diabetes, joint pain and other chronic diseases seem so commonplace today.  We're literally killing ourselves and not realizing that a simpler life with whole foods and grains, and herbal teas can do a lot to help us all stay more youthful and enjoy life a whole lot more.

The Benefits of Tea. It's the Antioxidants Keeping Us Youthful.
We've all heard of 'oxidation', right? It's when oxygen hits unprotected metal - it oxidizes the metal and turns to a dingy brownish red called "rust." Our bodies also oxidize (or rust). For metal, we coat it with chrome or nickel to protect it from rust. To protect our bodies from rust, we need to stop the "free radicals" created by oxidation.  Free radicals are what make our bodies age.

So it follows, to stop our bodies from rusting or wearing out prematurely, we simply need to engage in a lifestyle that helps us create more "antioxidants"and this is what helps us keep the effects of aging down to a crawl instead of a fast sprint.

Integra Tea is a special blend of green tea and ancient Asian herbs that not only delivers some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants we can find, but also stimulates your body to increase it's own natural production of the power house free radical busting enzyme SOD. When you boost your antioxidants, small miracles
take place in our body.

We restore blood flow and circulation.
As w
e age or due to illness and injury we lose adequate blood flow. Integra Tea stimulates your body to increase production of Nitric Oxide. Nitirc Oxide is a natural vasodilator, i.e. it expands your blood vessels allowing more blood to pass through with less pressure. This results in increased blood flow, which improves the function and efficiency of all organs and improves memory and mentation.

Restores a healthy balance to our metabolism.

Our health depends on a delicate balance of hormones maintained by our neuro-endocrine system. Adaptogens are herbs that help restore and maintain that balance. Integra Tea has two of the most powerful adaptogens ever discovered. Gynostemma has been revered for centuries in China as "The Immortality Herb" and Tulsi has been an important player in the Indian art of Ayurveda.  Together they deliver a potent adaptogenic one-two punch.

Integra also features the popular weight losss tea Wu-long (or oolong). Wu long is a favorite of weight loss gurus and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray because its both boosts our metabolism in high gear and suppresses our appetites, reducing those midnight cravings.

Mulberry leaf in Integra also helps by ensuring that much of the fat and sugar we consume can't be converted to fat.

Avoid infections and viruses naturally.
One key to staying healthy long term is avoiding seasonal bacterial infections and viruses which weaken our system as a whole and leave us vulnerable to the onset of chronic illness. A healthy immune system is the key. The powerful antioxidants in Integra Tea supercharge your immune system.

Flush toxins.
Overtime, through our environment, because of lifestyle, or due to diet, toxins inevitably build up. This can lead to organ failures and chronic disease. The saponins in Integra tea help your body flush toxins from your system allowing our bodies to stop wasting energy on fighting toxins and focus on their real job, making sure you live a long and healthy life.

Ingredients: Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Ocimum tenuiflorum, Morus alba, Camelia sinensis
Note: While Integra Tea does contain caffeine, it is only about 1/4 the caffeine found in an equivalent size cup of coffee.

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