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About Us

jiaogulan tea In 2002 some friends in Thailand introduced me to Jiaogulan tea. The tea tasted great and was refreshing. After a few days I noticed I felt great despite my travel schedule. My friends explained this was one of the benefits of drinking Jiaogulan. Upon returning to the U.S. I researched Jiaogulan and discovered both how great Jiaogulan was for your health and that it was almost impossible to find in the U.S.

I founded the Immortalitea Company™ with the mission of sharing my love of Jiaogulan in a way that benefits our customers, our community, our farmer and craftsperson partners and me. We specialize in high quality organically produced Jiaogulan and also carry Mulberry Leaf and Oolong teas. We work directly with tea farmers in Thailand to bring you the freshest teas possible.

Our Pledge:
  • • Our teas are organically grown and pesticide free.
  • • We are committed to helping our growers migrate to sustainable agriculture.
  • • We are committed to helping Thai farmers convert from commodity agriculture by creating a viable market for Thai teas.
  • • We will not knowingly purchase from suppliers who use child labor.
  • • Our teas are all shipped to the US within one month of harvest.
  • • 10% of all company profits go to benefit charities in Thailand.